Why Am I Not Happy Anymore?


  • Syeda Farah Batool Ziauddin University, Karachi-Pakistan




Happiness, Sexual activities, Hypersexuality, Pain, Compulsive Behavior


Background: A person needs to be happy to be a functional unit of the society and to add a positive and productive contribution on his behalf to the welfare of humanity. There is a very close interaction between sex and joy, and no one can escape from the fact that sexual interaction is mostly a pleasurable experience. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of compulsive sexual behavior among youth and to find a relation between happiness and sexual activity.

Methodology: This cross-sectional survey was conducted in Karachi-Pakistan. 300 subjects of both genders participated in this study while Sadaf Stress Scale (SSS) was used to evaluate the stress level of the individuals and a section of the questionnaire contained questions about the routine activities, sexual needs and its severity.

Results: Results have shown that the symptoms of hypersexuality are prevalent among the youth of ages between 18 to 25 years. While 27% of unmarried subjects have experienced sex and 49% reported masturbation or phone sex is found to be the source of happiness.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, hypersexuality is not yet considered as a psychological disorder/issue in many regions of the world which gives rise to brutal and feeble act like “Sexual abuse”. It's high time to look into this matter before it’s too late.




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