Final Submission

The following guide provides instructions only for the manuscripts that had been accepted for publication in APP and the editor has asked the authors for final submission.

General information

To speed up the manuscript processing after acceptance and to minimize potential errors the authors are recommended to follow the below-mentioned guidelines for final submission.

Final text submissions

After acceptance, the following text must be added or rechecked before uploading, complete tables and graphs with appropriate table and graph numbers, titles, legends, and all necessary supplementary information must be added to the text.  


Before the final uploading, the corresponding author is responsible to recheck that the file to be uploaded is correct and is the revised version of the one accepted and is according to the final submission Guide.

Manuscript Formatting

Authors are recommended to follow the instructions mentioned in the formatting guide for manuscript preparation. The preferred format for submission is Microsoft Word.

Reference citations 

For references use superscript numerical citation style (e.g. warfarin is recommended for years13). The authors must ensure that the references are numbered in the reference list according to the same order they appear in the text. The reference list should be included in the manuscript file. APP follows Vancouver style of referencing.

Formatting Details

In text format

The structure of the research article preferred by APP includes:

  • Title
  • Structured Abstract (including background, methodology, results, and conclusion)
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Conflicts of interests
  • Acknowledgment
  • Funding Source
  • Reference section.


We prefer that the authors use 12- font size and font style Times New Roman. Avoid using 'raised' or 'lowered' formats unnecessarily.

Page layout

Separate paragraphs by a single, not a double, line spacing ('enter') and 1-inch margin from all sides. Avoid inserting page breaks in the text at the end of each section.

Tables & Figures

The author must remove all particular functions and formatting before final submission. The text including graphs and tables must be uploaded as a single file. However, the Graphics/illustrations should be uploaded separately as a supplementary file and must be prepared according to the guidelines on figure preparation. Abbreviations should be explained in the footnotes. All graphs should be made in MS Excel, sent as a separate file, even if they are merged in the manuscript. It must be minimally processed. The authors are recommended to preserve the original and unprocessed data and metadata files of the submitted manuscript for later evaluation requirements. In case of unavailability of the required files, the evaluation and publication process may be delayed until the issue is resolved. The final revised manuscript is recommended to be submitted with high- quality images with a minimum resolution of 300 d.p.i. for colored images, while 600 d.p.i. for images on greyscale and 1,20 0 d.p.i. for images with line art.


We may reduce the figure size, depending upon the space available.  Authors may direct their requirement for the result display but the final decision remains the editor’s authority.

After acceptance

After acceptance for publication, APP holds all the rights to sub-edit the manuscript (main text, full Methods, legends for figures and tables and titles) just to maintain the quality and house style the manuscript according to the journal format. After subediting the final copy is sent to the authors for approval. This resolves all queries within the proof stage. This final subedited copy is a copy proof (PDF) of the final layout including all textual material as well as the figures and tables, is sent to the corresponding author for checking before the paper is signed off for printing/online publication.

The corresponding authors are recommended to send the copy proof to all co-authors and coordinate with them and convey all the instruction on behalf of all authors to the journal editor.

After the author’s approval, proofs are cycled between the production staff of APP and then scheduled for publication. If the authors want their article to appear in specific month or date, they should provide the date with valid reason.