Aims and scope

Aims & Scope

Annals of Psychophysiology (APP) is the semi-annual journal of the Advanced Educational Institute & Research Centre’s psychophysiology program. It provides a platform for scientific contributions on all aspects of psychophysiology with emphasis on the psychophysiology of health and disease with sub-themes covering environmental and sports psychophysiology.  APP is an open-access journal committed to maintaining high standards through rigorous peer-review. The journal has three sections: A review of the year’s advances in some aspect of psychophysiology, a theme section containing invited articles concentrating on an emerging area of psychophysiology, and a section on original contributions to the field.

Abbreviated Title: Ann. psychophysiol.
Online ISSN: 2412-3188 | Print ISSN: 2410-1354
Published By
Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre - AEIRC
Karachi - Pakistan