Prevalence of compulsive sexual behavior/hyper sexuality disorder and its psychological manifestations in youth


  • Syeda Farah Batool Psychophysiology Research Lab, Department of Physiology, University of Karachi
  • Sadaf Ahmed Psychophysiology Research Lab, University of Karachi.



Sexual Behavior, Hyper sexuality, Sex Addiction, Orgasm, Masturbation


Sexuality or sexual behaviors are very complex to understand and what better place to understand. “SEX” is a NO word in our families and society, however this a natural phenomenon in which male and female genes combine to form off springs. Every person on this planet have felt or experienced sexual desire or got engage in sexual activities. Many parts of the brain are involved in generating a cascade of sexual events within the body but Limbic System plays a primary role in the initiation of sexual drive/ desire. When a person gets attracted towards someone these parts of the brain become active and induce sexual desire, this is a normal body response, but sometimes these parts become hyperactive and sexual desire is uncontrollable such condition is termed as “Hyper sexuality”. In Pakistan, live-in relationships are not very common, so mostly unmarried individuals are involved in sex addiction. This study revolves around the increasing rate of compulsive sexual behavior in youth. A random survey has been conducted with approximately equal number of male and female participants. Subjects belong to the age group from 16-25 years. Almost 200 subjects have participated in this study. Exclusion criteria was above 25 years and below 16 years. People with any other neurological or psychological disorders were excluded. Approximately a 70% of the subjects were found to be on the track of getting hyper sexuality disorder and 15% of them were suffering from this disorder. This is the high time to break the barriers. We need to start thinking and try to discuss and resolve our issues on our own. So, think and talk.




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Batool, S. F., & Ahmed, S. (2017). Prevalence of compulsive sexual behavior/hyper sexuality disorder and its psychological manifestations in youth. Annals of Psychophysiology, 4, 59–66.

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