Copyrights & Permissions

Annals of Psychophysiology (APP) follows the CC BY 4.0 license (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License). For details, please read the full license legal code. For open-access publishing, IJEHSR uses a non-exclusive licensing agreement. With respect to open access publishing, the authors retain the copyright along with the primary scholarly usage rights & grant the journal publication and distribution rights. It allows maximum use and exposure of the work, ensuring the provision of due credit to the source. For systematic manipulation, plagiarism, and duplicate/redundant or overlapping publications, the journal follows COPE Guidelines

APP cannot publish material from already published scholarly work without permission. It is essential to acquire permission from the copyright holder (it could be the author(s) or Publisher) for:

  • Your work for which the copyright holder is the publisher.
  • Although it is permissible to use a limited portion of a work, a substantial extraction would require permission from the copyright holder.
  • Use of unaltered or slightly altered tables, graphs, and artworks (own work published elsewhere or some other copyright holder) would require permission.
  • While completely redrawn and reconstructed tables, graphs, charts, and artworks with the citation of the source do not require permission. 

APP is a self-financing journal and does not receive funding from any source. The publication processing is solely dependent upon the personal finance of the publisher. As the journal is Open Access, so there are no subscription charges. The content is freely accessible to the readers on the journal website