Role of Mothers Resilience in the Development of Resilience and Prevention of Depression and Anxiety in Daughters




Resilience, Mother-daughter relationship, Depression, Anxiety


Background: Resilience has proven to be a protective factor against adverse conditions. However, mental health professionals have started studying resilience in terms of reducing depression and anxiety. In Pakistan especially, this area needs to be explored to develop interventions to make people resilient. This study aimed to investigate and understand the role of mothers' resilience in developing resilience and prevention of depression and anxiety in daughters.

Methodology: This was a cross-sectional study, and data were collected from 88 participants hailing from different areas of Karachi, Pakistan, and among them, 44 were girls, and 44 were their biological mothers. The variables were assessed using the resilience and depression anxiety scale.

Results: The study results reveal that when mothers are resilient, it helps develop resilience in daughters. Since there was no significant difference between mothers' and daughters' resilience, all the mothers were resilient, and their daughters were resilient. Further, this study also showed that resilience is negatively correlated with depression and anxiety. Moreover, there was a significant positive relationship between mothers' resilience and daughters' depression and anxiety scores. Besides this, a significant positive relationship has also been found between daughters' resilience and mothers' depression anxiety scores.

Conclusion: Based on the findings, it is suggested that for the development of a healthy society, intervention programs that promote resilience must be adapted for children as well as adults so that they can overcome the challenges of daily life.




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Damani, Z. N., & Hussain, S. (2021). Role of Mothers Resilience in the Development of Resilience and Prevention of Depression and Anxiety in Daughters. Annals of Psychophysiology, 8(2), 71–75.