Neurological disturbances caused by nutritional deficit


  • Maria Altaf Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre.
  • Sadaf Ahmed Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre.



Nutrition plays an important role in our lives to fight against any certain chronic state and its deficiency creates a damage that is termed as nutritional stress. Consequences stressing life events can lead to the onset and course of mood deterioration and affective disorders such as depression. Malnutrition has been observed to affect a variety of the organ systems in body with central nervous system being on top to be disrupted. Around 792 million people in the world are having a malnutrition state due to food deficits. A number of nutritional conditions have been observed to raise the Global burden of nutritional disorders; these include the protein deficiency, iron deficiency and vitamin A deficiency. The neurological disorders associated with malnutrition can be reverted and hence it is of great importance for the public health concern. There are several disorders associated with the nutritional deficiency; some of them are briefly discussed in this review.




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Altaf, M., & Ahmed, S. (2016). Neurological disturbances caused by nutritional deficit. Annals of Psychophysiology, 3, 69–70.

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