Physical, emotional and catastrophizing upshots of chronic pain the study on pain stress


  • Uzma Naseem Psychophysiology Research Lab, University of Karachi.
  • Sadaf Ahmed Psycho-physiology Research Lab, University of Karachi
  • Shamoon Noushad Psycho-physiology Research Lab, University of Karachi



Neuropathic, Nociceptive, Catastrophizing, Rumination. Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS), Sadaf Stress Scale (SSS), Central Nervous System (CNS), Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). Osteoarthritis (O.A).


There are original physical basis of pain, even when an anatomical site or pathophysiological basis cannot be established, but pain also recognizes the importance of affective, cognitive, behavioral, and social factors as contributors to chronic illness behavior. It is also linked with Catastrophizing in relation with sufferer’s threshold of pain intensity, pain related disability and psychological distress are found to be significantly high regardless of any type of pain. Unlike acute nociceptive pain chronic pain is not self-limiting and usually neurological in origin, it may evolve in the damaging of either central nervous system or peripheral nervous system results into anxiety, fear, depression, sleeplessness and lack of social interaction so there is a self-perception of stress. In this study Stress has been taken as an amplified condition of psychological effects which is being induced by chronic pain. Aim of the present study was to highlight the presence of physical and emotional constraint relative to other related stresses like traumatic, nutritional and mental stress among chronic pain survivor both by observing the ability and intensity to catastrophize. In a cross sectional study, 140 individuals have been enrolled from general population who have been suffering from any type of chronic pain with exception of Menopausal women, Cardiovascular diseases, Nephropathy and cancer, and age between 18 to 50 years. For evaluation multistage random selection procedure have been performed by governing questionnaire to examine their pain duration, intensity, frequency, and degree of multi psychological feeling using PCS of Michael JL Sullivan and stress by SSS. It is concluded that sufferers rise to the challenge of difficult painful situations that leads to a number of psychophysiological disorders and raised emotional distress, especially depressive symptoms, these are often poorly controlled. On the basis of the available evidence that it is not clear whether chronic pain sufferers really do have higher levels of distress compared to others it is recommended that ability of being catastrophize as well as emotional and physical distress can be improved by various relaxation and counselling therapies that can relieve the cycle of pain.




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Naseem, U., Ahmed, S., & Noushad, S. (2016). Physical, emotional and catastrophizing upshots of chronic pain the study on pain stress. Annals of Psychophysiology, 3, 56–61.

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