Mind Body & Soul Harmony


  • Sadaf Ahmed Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre.
  • Shamoon Noushad Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre.




Psychophysiology, Emotions, Behavior.


Psychophysiological science consider foundations of the mind is exemplified as Mental processes influence the physiological state of the body and changes in the body's physiology influence thoughts, feelings and motivational behavior. However, Harmony is a ubiquitous principle based on Motivations arise from physiological need to preserve the integrity of the organism, via processes and the ways we process or react to our environment depends on our internal bodily state. For example, if we are thirsty or hungry, the manner in which we behave toward food stimuli differs and biases perceptions, hedonics, cognitions and memory. Motivations drive behavior, while changes in the internal state of the body anticipate, facilitate or accommodate the consequences of motoric action. The result is an individual system in a state of vibrant instability internally that contributed to physical and social interaction with the external environment. The individual make-ups of character and behaviors has emerged out of such patterns of chemical release. The mind is supposed to be a virtual entity, one that reflects the workings of the neural networks, chemical and hormonal systems in our brain. It cannot be localized to particular areas within the brain, though the entire cerebral cortex and deep grey matter form important components. Realization, sensitivity, conduct, intelligence, linguistic, impulse, energy, the urge to excel and intellect of the most complex kind are the product of the wide-ranging and multifaceted linkages between the different parts of the brain. Likewise, anomalies attributed to the mind, such as the spectrum of illnesses dealt with by psychoanalysts are consequences of widespread aberrations, often in the chemical processes within different parts of the brain.




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