Advertising Policy

Ad Content

The content of the ads projected for advertisement requires the publisher’s approval. The Editorial Board of the journal & publisher reserves all rights to reject advertisement proposals that are inappropriate for the journal content. The editorial content of the journal is not compromised for commercial interest of the advertising agencies and clients. Advertisements harmful for human and animal health or that may enforce a negative impact on the environment will be rejected primarily. Moreover, indecent and offensive racial, ethnic or religious content will not be accepted. 


Ad files should be submitted as PDFs, JPG and PNG. All images should be embedded and the image quality must be retained.


Discounts may be provided by the publisher upon negotiation. 

Payment Terms

The Ad will be published online on the publication dates provided. While the printable will only be available after 10 days of publication. The advertising agencies are required to transfer the payment shortly after the agreement.

For advertising inquiries & reservations contact:

(IJWE) Publishing Office

D-2 KDA (Palace View) Phase 1, 
Gulistan -e- Johar Block 10, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: 021-34161532