Good clinical practice; Education as a necessitate for radiology


  • Sadaf Ahmed Advance educational institute & research Pakistan (AEIRC), Department of physiology, university of Karachi
  • Saima Khan Advance Educational Institute & Research Center
  • Shamoon Noushad Advance Educational Institute & Research Center
  • Amna Khan Advance Educational Institute & Research Center



Good clinical practices, Karachi, hospitals, Ethical guidelines, Patient safety


A good clinical practice (GCP) is an ethical and scientific quality act from oldest enduring customs in the historic times of medicine. As the guiding ethical code it is primarily known for its edict to do no harm to the tolerant. However, the complexities of modern medicine research necessitate a more elaborate set of guidelines that address a physician’s ethical and scientific responsibilities such as obtaining informed consent or disclosing risks of these biohazards. Our country in last decades has excelled so much in terms of offering training programs for these professional to bridge the gap between the therapeutic interventions and knowledge of these working individuals. We have done a survey on both male and female working in specific hospitals in Karachi. They were interviewed about their skills, duties and knowledge about standards of clinical practice. With reference to the patient care and conditions they were inquired about the medical background, awareness of the sufferer’s ailment and ethical concerns like patient safety & rights. We have found nearly disappointing results as most of these workers were ignorant of the fact that they lack basic knowledge of related responsibilities of concerned patients. Rest of the data also gave the evidence for a huge breach among the awareness, education and realistic approach in this selected workforce. We suggest that caregivers must be aware of indications and have strong medical foundation of the concerned departments where they are serving. We propose the medical education and clinical workshops of this set of serving individuals at ground levels along with the technical fine tuning with the help of case studies and good clinical practice.




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Ahmed , S., Khan, S., Noushad , S., & Khan, A. (2014). Good clinical practice; Education as a necessitate for radiology. International Journal of Endorsing Health Science Research, 2(1), 62–65.

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