Early marriage; a root of current physiological and psychosocial health burdens


  • Sadaf Ahmed Advance educational institute & research Pakistan (AEIRC), Department of physiology, university of Karachi
  • Amna Khan Advance Educational Institute & Research Center
  • Saima Khan Advance Educational Institute & Research Center
  • Shamoon Noushad Advance Educational Institute & Research Center




Physiology, Psychosocial, Early marriage, Health, Early childbirth


It is confirmed that early marriage and early childbirth leads to higher rates of adolescent fertility and pregnancy related complications. According to UNICEF (1994) unfortunately the mortality rate of the married girls aged between 15-19 years is twice as compare to the girls who marry after the age of 20 years. As their bodies are immature that’s why their health is affected by giving birth to a child. Millions of children are affected by the tradition of early marriage at is being practiced and widespread in many regions of South Asia. Early marriage is also called as child marriage that is marriage below the age of 18 when girls are too weak to shoulder their responsibilities physiologically, psychologically and socially. Early married females are more prone to diseases like HIV/AIDS and obstetrics obstacles. They are also affected psychologically and they may become victim of depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. An observational study was conducted between married and unmarried female to know their perspective about getting married early and to highlight whether it is a positive response according to them. Results showed that in relation to unmarried girls the married females were also not in favor of getting married early as they are equally invaded by health problems. Mental distress and depressive symptoms are more common in married females. Girls prefer doctors for concerning their reproductive health problems while girls can also concerned their mothers but they are in minority. Many health consequences are being reported by early married females and they were hesitated to share them with their in laws. Most of them approached lady doctors whereas few were relying on their mothers for their problems to be solved. Marriages below the age of 18 is not helping the females infract its demolishing their self-esteem, their will to study and their physiological well-being also.




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Ahmed , S., Khan, A., Khan, S., & Noushad , S. (2014). Early marriage; a root of current physiological and psychosocial health burdens. International Journal of Endorsing Health Science Research, 2(1), 50–53. https://doi.org/10.29052/IJEHSR.v2.i1.2014.50-53

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