Competing Interests

IJEHSR Competing interests policy

Authors submitting a manuscript to IJEHSR are requested to disclose all competing interests either financial or non-financial at the time of submission. As these competing interests might undermine the originality of the work submitted and manipulate the author's contribution towards data presentation, analysis, and explanation. For this purpose, the corresponding author is held responsible to submit a statement regarding conflicts of interest in the manuscript on behalf of all the co-authors. 

Financial competing interests

Funding: Organizations providing research support for the particular publication may gain or lose financially. The role of the funders in study design, data collection, analysis, and manuscript preparation must be disclosed in the conflicts of interest statement in the submitted manuscript.  

Employment: Employees of any organization engaged in the particular publication that may be affected by the publication must be mentioned. 

Personal financial interests: All sorts of financial gains or losses must be disclosed prior to publication. Financial gain or loss in companies stocks or shares through a specific publication, consultation fees, or other reimbursed fees from organizations that may gain or lose financially through a publication must be disclosed in a competing interest statement. Detailed information including inventor(s) name, the patent applicant, number and status of the application, aspect of the manuscript covered by the patent application must be disclosed regarding the patent application filed by the author that can be affected by the specific publication. 

Non-financial competing interests

The competing interest involving personal, religious, academic, political, and professional associations with organizations or individuals are Non-financial competing interests. The authors and referees are recommended to disclose all such relationships that may affect the publication process at the time of submission. 

It is the prime responsibility of the corresponding author to submit a declaration form on behalf of all authors to disclose all conflicts of interest at the time of submission. In addition to the submission of declaration form along with the manuscript, the authors are strongly recommended to include a competing interest statement by the end of the manuscript to disclose whether there is a competing interest or not. 

Application to referees

We request the peer-reviewers to inform regarding all financial or non-financial competing interests prior to accepting the review opportunity. This disclosure helps Editors in recommending the reviewers for the specific manuscript. 

Application to editors

The policy is the same for the editorial staff, the editors must also disclose all existing financial or other competing interests regarding a manuscript that may affect their editorial duties. These competing interests from the editorial staff must be disclosed prior to evaluation.