Experiential evolution from both awakening and dreaming

  • Waseem Hassan Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology
Keywords: Evolution, Awakening, Dreaming


Since the beginning of human time in this world, the only thing which is found constant is the change in human behavior throughout ages. The gradual change, or in more liberal senses, advancement in human form of both physiological and psychological is called evolution of human race. As humans evolved throughout millions of years uptil now, the behavior, ethics, lifestyle and thought processing have found being enhanced and a wide range of capabilities have been developed in human. In material sciences, there are two aspects of grasping the concept of evolution. One being the Darwinian Theory of Evolution in which he mentioned that all species biologically evolved throughout time from one single gene and from natural inheritance, the form changed gradually to different species and as he says, the purpose of “war of nature” is the production of higher animals.


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Hassan, W. (2015). Experiential evolution from both awakening and dreaming. Annals of Psychophysiology, 2, 06-07. https://doi.org/10.29052/2412-3188.v2.i1.2015.6-7