Psychophysiology Escalating in Pakistan

  • Shamoon Noushad Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre.
Keywords: Psychophysiology, Health-care


 Interest within the mind/body relationship is as ancient because it is large, and also the field of physiological psychology is researching and confirming this association. In Developed countries there has been a gap between the allopathic and alternative medical worlds with regard to views on psychophysiology because the allopathic model continuous to differentiate the mind and body as a separate entity, while the alternative medical field opinions confidently on the concept that the mind and body are complexly connected. Now western world has gotten the fact at which the emphasis is more and more on mind/body healthcare. Patients as well as general practitioner are selecting to make use of treatments built upon the holistic models in which psyche (mind) and soma (physical body) are seen as one. They are working to reduce overall stress and to heal various psychosomatic illnesses.


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