Work-place Stress???

  • Maria Altaf Fatima Jinnah Dental College
Keywords: Occupational Stress, Violence


Dr. Hans Selye said “following the right attitude can covert a negative stress into positive one and one can easily successful life”. Stress is not always negative or dangerous and indeed, the absence of stress is death. Eustress- a positive stress, it is very healthy and person get more energy and strength to conquer the stress, this way it helps to resolve the different situation in a shortest possible time, and one gets more positive thinking and get good results at the end of the stress. It elaborates motivation and inspiration. According to Hans Sclye “adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into positive one”. There has been an almost 100% rise in the occurrence of mental disability, particularly stress, depression and anxiety, in the country over the past 10 years, mainly due to the outcomes of personal insecurity, financial condition, lack of education, rising inflation, said senior psychiatrist, the President of the Pakistan Association of Mental Health (PAMH), Dr. Haroon Ahmed, directing the press conference, which held in connection with the World Mental Health Day that falls on Oct 10. From the last decades changing nature of work, and indeed changes in society itself, means that it is important to regularly update available information on the scale of occupational stress. Indeed, at times it will execute that there is little relevant information on the current situation, as can be seen from the following quote: 'There are no dependable estimates of the incidence of occupational stress and related disorders in the working population'. However, in the last few years a number of surveys have attempted to provide information on these topics. Nowadays, quality productivity is very essential for organizational survival.


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