Understanding Dreams

  • Waseem Hassan Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology
Keywords: Dreams, Psychology


“Royal road to the unconscious” as considered by Dr. Sigmund Freud during his dream analysis in 1900 gives a good start to the philosophers when it comes to satisfy their theories in psychophysiological manner. During the early stages of human evolution, there have always been physical and materialistic needs that were to be fulfilled as a necessity of survival. Dreams on the contrary, laid rest in the hands of myth and mysticism and hence been defined in illogical manner which were taken for granted by most of the scholars of the times. Time passed, and the exploration of human psychology became extensively useful for medication and cure of gradually increasing diseases. The point of interest and consideration of scholars were merely diverted to the origination of dreams and the phenomenon of sleeping. It became feasible to study the psyche of behavior when the classification of conscious, sub-conscious, preconscious and unconsciousness were first made.


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