Correction, Retraction & Editorial Expressions of Concern

Disagreements and complaints about the issue related to the manuscript submitted in IJWE must be addressed to the concerned editors. IJWE follows the below-mentioned policies for corrections in the online version of the manuscript. The authors must keep in mind that the publishable amendments that affect the publication record and accuracy of the published article will be considered only if valid evidence is provided. The correction must be notified briefly explaining the errors via email at

Categories of Amendments 

Publisher Correction

Complaints regarding the errors made by the journal that affects the manuscript integrity and author's reputation will be considered by the editorial team. 

Author Correction

Authors are recommended to report all sorts of changes before publication. After publication complaints regarding an error made by the author(s) will only be considered if the error was previously notified in the copy-proof by the authors and is published without the notified corrections.  


In case of invalid results of a previously published article. The retraction statement indicating the readers about the invalidity of the article is linked to the published paper. It must be noted that the original article remains available to the readers and is marked as retracted on the website.   

Editor's Statement

A statement given by the editor notifying the issues with a respectively published manuscript is also considered and is displayed with the published manuscript to notify the readers about the complication.