Awareness regarding complications of type II diabetes mellitus among diabetics in Karachi, Pakistan

  • Huda Younis Department of Community Health Sciences, Ziauddin University
  • Safa Younis Department of Community Health Sciences, Ziauddin University
  • Saad Ahmad Department of Community Health Sciences, Ziauddin University
Keywords: Knowledge, Diabetic Awareness, Diabetes Management, Diabetic Complications, Pakistan


Background: Research shows that people with diabetes have an astonishingly low level of awareness about diabetes, its related complications and management. The aim of our study was to assess the knowledge of diabetics regarding complications of Diabetes Mellitus Type II. This will help us identify knowledge amongst patients regarding their long-term illness.

Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted over a time span of two years in all three Ziauddin Hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan. Both male and female patients diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type II aged 30 years and above were included in the study. Those suffering from Diabetes Mellitus type I, Diabetes Insipidus, and Gestational Diabetes were excluded. A sample size (n) of 151 was calculated, with the assumption that the prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in Pakistan is 11%. Data was analyzed using SPSS 20.0. Chi-square test was applied to present association between study variables.

Results: Out of the total 157 subjects with diabetes, 83 (53.3%) were males and 74 (46.5%) were females with a mean age of 53.8±11.9 years. 77.7% of patients were having cardiac disease awareness (p=0.042), and 60.5% of participants were aware of eye problems (p=0.016). Only 33.1% of patients were aware of stroke as a potential complication (p=0.05). Furthermore, awareness of nerve weakness was 40.8% (p=0.355) and kidney problems were 54.8% (p=0.019).

Conclusion: Diabetic patients included in this study were aware of most of the complications of diabetes and a significant difference was found in those patients who had personally experienced these complications.  


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