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Associate School- Pakistan, 2020 theme will focus to gather all the experts in the diverse fields of neurosciences working on solving the mysteries of degenerative brains and to discuss this public health burden of neurodegenerative diseases with recent advances of human and animal research. That will help to integrate participants with a growing opportunity for revising pre-existing methodologies, enhance critical thinking about new techniques and to establish them locally. This course is designed to meet the national needs thus to provides an overview of the molecular basis of neurodegeneration and the development of therapeutic intervention to combat neurodegenerative disorders. Participants will gain an insight into the current understanding of degenerating brains under normal aging and disorders as well. The course is aimed at individuals working in neurodegenerative research, behavioral neurosciences, neurogenetics or translational neuroscience, including clinical scientists, veterinary scientists, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. The Associate School will be organized by Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre in collaboration with Pakistan Society of Basic & Applied Neuroscience, University of Karachi and Agakhan University.


  • Poster, poems, animations and 3d model competitions for undergraduates
  • General awareness posters competitions for public both at school and college levels.
  • Wellbeing Festival on brain health
  • Awareness session to promote Brain sciences and brain health
  • Providing opportunities for networking for youth
  • Publishing content in International Journal both online & printed format