AEIRC Women Research Wing facilitates research projects and publish results related to women health, psycho-social well being and gender rights. Team each year, organize variety of events to foster intellectual exploration and social change. International Conference on Women Empowerment is major annual event organized by AEIRC Women Research Division.

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The core aim of the conference is to discuss the barriers and opportunities in handling major threats to Feminal wellbeing like women cancers, mental illness, violence against women, reproductive and sexual health, role of emotional and psychological wellbeing and Feminal well-being through panel and key note sessions. We believe that holding this conference is a significant contribution in scientific and social community and the need of this conference is increasing yearly because empowerment in recent era is slowly encountering the wider population to bring changes at a slow pace in country like Pakistan as well.

It has always been a pleasure seeing people and institutions so eager to work for the betterment and well-being of women. We recognized the importance of education and its worth is of immense need to encourage women to speak of any form of ill treatment that they are facing in any discrete part of the world. The conference includes research papers and discussion from experts of the field that will highlight the idea of some core areas needed to be conferred and gears that might need full proof solutions. The gathering of men and women from science, social, business, arts and education backgrounds develop a mutual working within the boundaries society has placed on women and by identifying and exaggerating the need to raise questions, turn opinions into the argument and reveal what not right in the society. The main aim of the whole effort to identify key factors at an individual level for every women that can lead her empowering her gender all the while and for the insignia of women empowerment to actually overwhelm the society in a new aura of change. Each women conference has specific sessions included:

  • Press Conference
  • Panel sessions
  • Keynote sessions
  • Research oral presentations
  • Poster presentations
  • Performing arts sessions
  • Open discussion sessions
  • Video/Short film display


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