The “Youth Apprenticeship Program” is being launched by AEIRC under the banner of Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology (PSPP)

The aim of this program is to provide youth with a chance to explore their potentials, enhance their knowledge, skills and to gain experience in their field of interest

Youth is that time of life when an individual is full of potential, zeal and energy but a direction is needed to carefully build a way for positive growth. Given a proper pathway, youth can carry out tasks efficiently and work in a way that brings out the spark in them and shines a light so bright that can strengthen their hopes further and work towards a positive self-esteem. The youth of Pakistan is full of values, courage and respect, the only need is to bring it out in an energetic yet respectful way. Volunteer Programs are a way to crave the path for youth to understand work in terms of morals and ethics and to highlight the importance of principles in any given walk of life.
– Youth Behavioral Program, 2014
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