Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology PSPP is an intellectual society; a hub for the assessment of psychological developments by expressions of their physiological effects.  The innovative inspiration is to endorse the ways and dissemination of exploration in psychophysiology specifically in Pakistan. Our efforts are in the direction to improve networking among psycho physiologists in the country.

We have deemed that all health science researchers who are linked partially or fully to risks, maladies or management side of Psychophysiology in Pakistan have strong urge to join such forum not only to encourage their scholars but also geographically a wider psychophysiological community willing to represent current issues in this specific area of interest.

As a significant outcome of the 1st International Conference on Endorsing Health Science Research, which was held in Karachi in 2013, the Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology (PSPP) became incorporated in AEIRC on the 23rd of March, 2013.

And one day conference is it in my gene, which will hold on 21, October, 2013.We aim to foster research on the consequences and interrelationships among physiological and psychological facets of mind, body and performance. To promote this purpose, the Society already launched IJEHSR to spread out scientific literature and since two years scientific meetings, discussion forums of research and common man awareness has been a significant part of the planned agenda. Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology (PSPP) is to establish links with international bodies relevant to psychophysiology to become an imperative stake of a growing integer of specialized societies in Psychophysiology.

Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology (PSPP), led by Ms. Sadaf Ahmed, is trying to study the nature of human emotion in terms of its physiological manifestations, variations associated with pain , Stress & related pathological conditions,. The society also trains undergraduates and graduates in health science professional courses, Psychophysiology is truly multidisciplinary, embracing members from psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, biology, physiology, anatomy, neuroimaging, biophysics, and engineering, and relying on other disciplines such as mathematics and computer science.  It is a challenging and exciting field which runs across the full gamut of neuroscience, and one which is rapidly evolving and growing.

Mission Statement

To promote the conduct and dissemination of research and training in field of psychophysiology in the Pakistan.


  • Improved psychosocial well-being of Pakistani population with respect to pro-social behavior, cognitive/emotional functioning, performance work, coping and self-esteem, stress managing abilities
  • lead towards improve consciousness among local establishment and communities and leaders of protection principles and rights, risks and appropriate psycho physiological  responses at risk groups and to craft a healthier Environment for social integration.


  • To highlight the threats and risks to the psychosocial well-being
  • To identify the response mechanisms and their pathophysiology along with understanding of variations in attitudes
  • To study the alterations in the level of individual responses and illness in different sets of population.

Strategic initiatives

  • To increase the number of Society members in an attempt to engage all major research teams in Pakistan in the activities of the Society
  • Establish links with international bodies relevant to research in psychophysiology
  • Establish research training tenable for three months for an honours student engaged in research in psychophysiology

Why become a Member?

We encourage all researchers in the Pakistan to join the Society for the following reasons:

  • To maintain the high quality of the Annual meeting.
  • To improve networking among psycho physiologists in Pakistan.
  • To allow students to familiarize themselves with work from different laboratories
  • To facilitate exchange programs for students and staff.

Membership of the Society offers a number of benefits and these will increase as our Society grows.  Current benefits include:

  • Condensed registration fee for conference meeting.
  • Student Members who present their work at the Annual Conference are eligible for prize.
  • PSPP has always placed particular emphasis on student involvement at its projects/conference/activities as part of not only their career development but also this great aim will not be achieved without indulgent of young researchers.
    To develop a strong and cohesive group for the purposes of maximizing research funding and infrastructure

Membership types

The Society is comprised of Life Time Members, Annual Member and Student Members.

  1. 1.    Life Time Members

Plenary Members are persons who (i) are currently engaged in the practice, science, or technology at a professional level and (ii) meet at least one of the following combinations of education and/or experience.

  • Master’s or higher degree in a creditable area of education.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a creditable area of education and one full year of professional-level experience.
  • Associate degree in a creditable area of education and three full years of professional-level experience.
  • Five full years of professional-level experience.
  • Life time members will get free of cost copy of International Journal of Endorsing Health Science Research and Escalating Research; A quarterly Science magazine and news letter.
  • The membership includes the benefits 20% discount on Conference and seminar fess.
  1. 2.    Annual Members
  • Associate Members are persons who lack the necessary qualifications for election as Plenary Members but who have sufficient interest in field to apply for membership.
  • The membership includes the benefits of a Life time Member except an Annual Member may not hold office or vote.
  • Annual member can also serve as web developer, designer (who knows MS office), Email data collector and Editor for IJEHSR and ER by the decision of PSPP Board.
  1. 3.    Student Members
  • Student Members are students who are engaged in full-time study in a field allied with one or more health disciplines. The membership includes the same privileges as an Annual Member.
  • Responsibility of student Members to conduct literature survey and data collection for the PSPP research project.
  • Student member can also serve as web developer, designer (who knows MS office) and Email data collector for IJEHSR and ER by the decision of PSPP Board.
  • Write at least two articles about local events for Web posting and the ER newsletter in a year.
  • Student members can get 20% discount on RESEARCH ELECTIVE: A three month research Training course.
  • Other Proof of status as a student must be demonstrated each year.
  1. 4.    Ambassador

Ambassadors are strong champions supporter of Team PSPP and its ongoing projects.

  • The membership includes the benefits 20% discount on Conference and seminar fess.
  • Duties of PSPP Ambassador includes update PSPP Events Calendar with local events and Increase PSPP membership.
  • Communicate with locals about PSPP services at least monthly, prefer weekly/biweekly.
  • Participate at least once monthly on ambassador e-mail list with questions and status updates
  • Report important/unique events and projects to the Ambassador Program Manager
  • Write at least two articles about local events for Web posting and the ER newsletter in a year.
  • Forward/repost ER Newsletter to increase membership and information outreach.
  • Friend/Like local groups in their area on Face book and other social Media.
  • Take photographs at local events to post to face book and PSPP web.

Membership fees

Current registration fees are shown below. Registration covers the period 1st January through 31st December in a calendar year.

Annual Membership Fee

Renewal  Membership Fee

Life time Membership



Annual Membership



Student Membership







Become a member of Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology (PSPP)

To become a member of Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology (PSPP)   please complete the application form & send it to society mailing address or email it.

download PSPP membership form


The Managing Committee

Sadaf Ahmed (President)

Shamoon Noushad (Vice President)

Syed Zain Azher (General Secretary)

Faiza Ahmed (Joint Secretary)

Saima Khan (Finance Secretary)