After the successful completion of International conference on Is it in my gene?, on behalf of Team AEIRC we would like to pay our warm thanks to you for your kind and hospitable support.

The conference track was packed with the eventful schedule of pre & post conference workshops both in morning & evening sessions. International & National keynote speakers facilitate the proceedings with well informed lectures.

It’s been a wonderful experience by the diversity you have shown to boost up the conference with this triumphant conference your further association with AEIRC will help to set the priorities that will further strengthen the future of research & Development.


Is it in my gene?

A Neuro-psychological perspective to evaluate & manage the cause of young depression

The overall objective of this conference is to do interference that should be the elimination of psychiatric illness from the society and to focus on human behavioral genetic research by highlighting the existence and nature of genetic and environmental influence on individual and social basis affecting cognitive ability, personality, psychopathology and neuro biology.


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Outcomes of the Conference

(Is It In my Gene???)



•    Speakers from SOCIO, PSYCHO & NEURO background have addressed the various perspectives of young depression, provided participants with a significant perspective on the genetics, diagnosis, management and outcomes associated with depressive illness.

•    The participants were asked and evaluated with the help of questionnaire and exercises during the session with the provided material that help then to analyze their mental state of well being and were discussed during lectures.

•    Participants got immense knowledge about the understanding of brain function and human behavior, to alleviate the suffering of people with brain-behavior disorders, to disseminate clinically and academic advances in these interconnected discipline, and to raise awareness of neuropsychiatry across the world.

•   A forum for the interaction and exchange of ideas is built among a this variety of professionals interested in neuropsychiatric issues and AEIRC newsletter was provided as awareness material dedicated to MENTAL HEALTH.

•    All young neuro-psychiatrists were encouraged by the judges and scientists after the meeting and all the studies were appreciated with the relevant dialogue at panel discussion session. It helped the presenters with more ideas and collaboration is expected.

•    The stall was placed at conference for the brain storming session about the reasons of being sad & happy in everyday life and tips for the management was distributed.

•    The neuroscience and psycho-physiological aspects were actively discussed about stressors in Pakistan and all the scientists were requested to participate in evaluation o f stressors in Pakistan for that purpose a consortium was developed.