Competent and well-versed services are the real essence of AEIRC

Our research services has several flavors

  • Research Funding Services
  • Academic Consulting
  • Statistical consultancy
  • Research Design Service Drop-in Clinic
  • Dashboard
  • Market research
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

Research Funding Services

We facilitate in following core tasks

  • Providing support during the preparation and submission of research grant applications and contract proposals
  • Assisting academic departments in the management of research funding
  • Providing financial data analysis and feedback to sponsors, University Departments and Senior Managers
  • Encouraging long-term relationships and collaboration with external funding organizations

Academic Consulting

AEIRC Consulting services are one of the most important means by which staff at the AEIRC can make available their academic knowledge and expertise to external organizations, including government, public sector bodies, community groups and Corporate Sector.
The various services available from Academic Consulting include
  • Literature reviews (systematic reviews)
  • Focus groups
  • Cognitive interviews
  • Qualitative data analyses
  • Study design
  • Power analyses
  • Advice on mode of administration
  • Data collection and scoring
  • Data quality evaluation
  • Missing score estimation
  • Interpretation guidance
  • Provision of technical reports
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Convening of key opinion leader panels
  • Development of endpoint models
  • Assessment of content validity
  • Instrument development and validation
  • Health economic analyses
  • Abstract Editing
  • Development of user guides
  • Translation and linguistic validation services
  • Database and data reviews
  • Information searches
  • Licensing and copyright information
  • Strategic market access
  • Reimbursement strategies
  • Pricing research and advice
  • In-depth interviews
  • Insight generation

Statistical consultancy

We also provide a range of statistical services from dataset analysis to full-study statistical collaboration to advise about:

  • Advise on design for quantitative studies
  • Advise on required sample size
  • Advise on how to design Statistical analysis plan
  • Advise on how to perform appropriate analysis
  • Advise on how to respond to journal reviewer comments

Research Design Service Drop-in Clinic

The Research Design Service (RDS)  holds regular drop-in clinics. These are an opportunity for researchers to find out how the team can help them and to talk about specific research proposals.  There is a range of experts at these sessions covering many topics from general information and guidance on research design, statistics as well as patient and public involvement in research.
Specialist advice can be provided on:
  • Literature review/building rationale
  • Formulating research questions
  • Study design
  • Statistical methods
  • Economic evaluation
  • Qualitative methods
  • Involving patients and the public
  • Building an appropriate research team
  • Identifying a suitable funding stream
  • Writing lay summaries
Market Research Services
AEIRC offers the full range of traditional data and information gathering methodologies with clients to craft the optimum research needs in the dimension of objectives and within budget, methodology attributes and timelines. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of all of the traditional and emerging research methodologies and we work on stand-alone projects ranging from:
Initial Principles
  • Setting research objectives
  • Selecting methodologies
  • Managing and executing the research program at professional standards.
  • Drawing conclusions and recommendations based on expert analysis & findings.
Qualitative Research
  • Focus Groups 
  • In-Depth Telephone Interviews 
  • In-Depth Face-to-Face Interviews
Quantitative Research
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Web-Based Surveys
  • Email Surveys
Secondary Research
Many of our clients require extensive secondary internet-based research. Today, vast amounts of relevant and useful data, information, and knowledge resides on the web. We also utilize our Partners Network for guidance and assistance in data, information and knowledge acquisition.

If you would like to know or opt for any of our services, email us to book an appointment.


An initiative by Advance Educational Institute & Research Center(AEIRC) to serve society after the launch of the first version of SADAF Stress Scale and its manual, the team officially started The stress clinics. The goal is to provide the nation a healthy STRESS-FREE LIFE!!! These clinics are absolutely free for general public and anyone can get benefited by simply walking on to clinic, the willing subjects or patients only have to book their slots by prior appointment. These free of cost clinics are provided with multiple settings and counseling sessions!!!!

To make an appointment at the Stress ClinicVisit ATIA General Hospital & Koohi Goth Hospital.

If you would like to discuss these or any other services please Email us to book an appointment. Email:

List of few organizations with which AEIRC has collaborated.

Following are the Projects on which AEIRC Research Divisions are working.

  • Mental health support program in Pakistan
  • Fostering capacity building
  • Endorsing and enhancing health science research learning; a program based on ethics study and intellectual integrity.
  • Healing health the reins of your health, in your hand…..
  • Humanizing civic education
  • Project for provision of psychophysiology teaching & skill development equipment in karachi-sind.
  • The intellect wellbeing; a study on the psycho-social concerns of teachers and their management
  • Save Pakistan through research
  • Supporting female graduates access into information technology (IT) sectors through internship programs
  • Feminal well-being… A psycho-social support initiative for invisible wounds in women
  • Innovative approaches to promoting women’s economic empowerment
  • Youth empowerment research elective training program


Following are the list of Publications


Download Publications

downloadMental-Stress booklet download.pdf

downloadmigraine booklet.pdf