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                                  POWER OF THOUGHT

Author: ushba sohail

Ambassador, Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology

Power, which gives a person the authority to influence others. Each and every one of us wants to have the upper hand. But what about the power which is the most ultimate competency of them all? The power which has the ability to control, innovate and then renovate. The virtue that controls each and everyone of us and we are working under its influence. And the endowment is none other than the power of thought. It’s staggering but true. Mind you this power is not about taking charge over another personage. It is the ability to do anything.
The only thing that two people show contrast in, is their way of thinking. It’s hard to understand it because it changes from time to time. The time interval varies; it could take from a few second to years.
The only difference that sets apart a leader and people working under him is their way of thinking which made them what they are today. Once our mind is set on something then nothing in this world can change it. Our mind works in mysterious ways. It makes us believe what we want to believe. It shows us things what we want to see. A simple change of mind can change a normal person to an extraordinary being.
A child whose parents are always accusing him for everything that goes wrong, pointing out his flaws all the time, making him believe that he is responsible for all the problems they are facing. What kind of personality you think he would be developing? That poor kid starts believing that, that is who I am. Even though it is not completely true. Even when he grows up this devastating memory lives on. And everything he does it reminds him of his childhood. He spends the rest of his life like this, until that turn in his life comes. When he takes a step for himself…..a life changing step. When he realizes that everything he thought about himself was just an exaggeration. It was not who he really was. And now this is who he really is. He tries all the things again in which he failed in and the only thing that was different this time was his own views about himself. Surprisingly, he succeeds in everything he failed in before.
Therefore, the only thing that needs to be changed is our own perception the rest will settle down itself. And that is the “Power of thought”.
“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” – Buddha.

AGAINST  ALL  ODDS  (Searching  for  reasons)

Author: Mahnoor Khan

Department of Microbiology, University of Karachi.

Ambassador, Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology

Why  search  for  a  cure  when  you  can  eradicate  the  disease?  A  thought  to  ponder  upon. Finding  cure  to  a  disease  is  considered  as  a  great  scientific  breakthrough,  which  ofcourse  it  is.  But  wouldn’t  it  be  great  if  the  major  focus  was  on  eradicating  and  obliterating  the  ailment  completely?  Be  it  any  disease,  ailment  or  infection,  wouldn’t  it  be  more  fascinating  to  consider  it  as  a  challenge  that  has  to  be  faced  and  won  against?  Make  the  disease  face  the  music,  make  the  reasons  taste  mud.  From  the  most  lethal  disease  like  cancer  to  a  social  outcome  such  as   low  self-esteem, all  can  be  dealt  with  if  taken  a  look  at  from  the  base.  Ofcourse  there  is  no  suggesting  that  this  is  an  easy  task.  There  is  way  too  much  to  work  upon,  a  great  amount  of  ups  and  downs  in  the  journey  and  way  too  much  concern  of  facing  adversity.  But there  is  work  to  be  done,  steps  to  taken  and  monsters  to  be  tackled.

Science  is  as  limitless  as  the  sky,  as  deep  as  the  ocean.  The  field  without  boundaries,  it  waits  to  be  observed  and  explored.  We  need  to  plunge  into  the  depths  and  search  out  the  pearls  that  await  us.  The  discovery  of  something  new; a  drug  for  instance ,  goes  through  a  complex  series  of  procedures  and  after  reaching  its  final  stage  it  crosses  boundaries  and  reaches  out  worldwide.  This  is  what  should  be  done  with  ideas  in  order  to bring  about  innovation.  Barriers,  boundaries  and  borders  should  be  ignored  and  radars  should  be  set  to  catch  positive  vibes  and  ideas.  When  people  from  various  disciplines  and  different  walks  of  life  join  their  heads together,  they   become  a  power  so  great  that  the  work  of  obliterating  crippling and  lethargic  aspects  away  from  the  society  becomes  considerably  easier.

If  seen  from  an  aerial  view,  this  would  look  like  dots  finding  paths  and  a map  being  put  together  to  guide  others  to  the  treasure  hunt.  We  have  to  gear  up  and  be  the  horses  with  tunnel  vision  and  find  reasons,  work  upon  them  and  come  out  winning  against  all  odds.

The mystery behind planet Pluto

                                                                                           Author:   Amna Khan

Ambassador, Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology


83 years back an astronaut from United States discovered a distant ice covered world in the solar system and declared it as the ninth planet of solar system. It name was suggested by an eleven years old school girl and she named it as Pluto and hence it became the official name of this dark, ice covered world. This planet was more than 3.6 billion miles away from sun and approximately 5.8 billion kilometers. The distance was 40 times as far from the sun as Earth. The gravity of this planet was found to be one-fifteenth the gravity of earth. Because of the long distance scientists have very little information how it looks like. Pluto was observed revolving in an oval like racetrack around the sun which sometimes makes Pluto closer to sun than other times. Pluto took 248 years to go around the sun, and its moon was larger than its size whereas other planet’s size was way big than the size of their moons revolving around them. The rest of eight planets were found in Asteroid belt where as Pluto was out of Asteroid belt revolving in another belt named as Kuiper belt. Along with Pluto many other icy objects are also in this Kuiper belt. The largest moon of Pluto is Charon which is half the size of it. The question which provoked astronauts to ponder over what a real planet should be like aroused in 2003 when an astronaut saw a new object beyond Pluto which was larger in size than Pluto and he thought it was another new planet. That object was named as ERIS. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) suggested the criteria of a planet and defined the word planet as a celestial body that is in orbit around the sun having sufficient mass for its self gravity to defeat rigid body forces and assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium with a tidy neighborhood around its orbit. The IAU further noticed that Pluto is round and it’s in orbit but it does not meet the criteria of a planet as its orbit crosses the Neptune’s orbit. These were the reasons for which the Pluto was named as Dwarf planet and was not considered as planet anymore. In 2005 two new moons of Pluto were found and named as Nix and Hydra. Pluto is now called plutoid.  NASA launched a mission in 2006 named as New Horizon by a sending a spacecraft towards Pluto. It is expected that by 2015 this spacecraft will get to Pluto and will be spending more than five months to study Pluto and its moons to reveal more information about it.

KNOWLEDGE –  A  treasure  protected  by  sharing

Author: Mahnoor Khan

Department of Microbiology, University of Karachi.

Ambassador, Pakistan Society of Psychophysiology

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Gaining  knowledge  is  a  complex  process  and  the  basic  right  of  every  individual.  What  people  need  to  understand  is  that  when  you  learn  something  new,  you  are  obliged  to  share  its  light  with  others.  The  canopy  of  education  is  so  vast  that  it  can  hold  biliions  under  its  shade.  All  that  is  needed  is  people  willing  to  step  up  and  take  their  place. Developing  leaders  who  possess  knowledge  is   a  process  that  is  seriously  going  downhill  in  our  society  owing  to  the  fact  that   people  are  not  comfortable  in  spreading  what  they  have  learnt.  They  turn  hostile  when  in  the  process  of  education  being  under  the  impression  that  it  can  help  protect  their  ideas   from  being  misused.  The  point  that  goes  amiss  is  that  the  horizons  of  knowledge  broaden  when  shared,  not  shrink.  The  biggest  threat  posed  to   our  society  is  wasted  talent  and  undeveloped  skills.  Majority  of  our  educational  leaders  are  those  who  have  leadership  thrust  upon  them  due  to  circumstances,  only  a  fair   few  are  working  zealously  of  their  own  accord  and  dedication. We  need  more  people  who  have  the  spark,  who  know  the  importance  of  sharing  and  spreading  knowledge  and  who  possess  the  vision  of  leading  others  to  their  way.

Sharing  knowledge  is  the  surest  way  of  preserving  it  and  having  a  sustained  mental  growth.  When  you  share  what  you  know,  you  might  come  up  with  new  ideas  or  ways  may  be  directed  towards  you   by  your  fellow  learners.  Exploring  various  possibilities  and  being  responsible  is  the  actual  idea  of   education. Knowledge has  the  power  of  being  the  driving  force  of  living  a  meaningful  life.  The  thing  that  is  necessary  is  to  be  giving  in  our  nature,  to  realize  that  we  have  been  blessed  to  have  learnt  whatever  we  have  and  to  be  responsible  enough  to  guide  others  to  the   path  of  knowledge,  because  it  is  a  treasure  best  protected  by  sharing.

Cancer Today- World Cancer Day

Author:Kanwal Tariq

Breast Cancer Research Division


Most people think of cancer in terms of death; I think of it in terms of life. Afterall, one is as complicated as the other. Are not our life stages comparable to that of a cancer? From being tiny, unrecognizable then growing up and getting out of control to finally end up in a debilitating condition, we ourselves represent the ambiguity of the disorder. Like us, it gathers from its environment too. The research regarding both genetic and epimutations and the effects of tumor microenvironment have revealed a lot about this unpredictable nature of cancer. It is too stubborn to leave calmly and thereby, it keeps evolving. We too are stubborn on calling it a ‘disease’ instead of a multidimensional disorder and are fighting it like these are the tripods from another planet. It does not mean that we should take this matter lightly but we need to understand what we are fighting for. We are not fighting for a few more days to live; we are working towards making ‘living’ a better experience.

Yes, I do want to find the answer to one of the deadliest conditions ever to be faced by human beings. But more than that, I want to unravel it thread by thread. There is a solution to every problem and likewise a cure to every cancer. But we need to stop believing in the idea of a magic bullet. Maybe there is a different answer to every cancer at different stages, even in different patients. That is where the idea of personalized medicine comes from. The concept alters the treatment according to the particular sets of biomarkers found in a patient, thereby making the target more specific. This eventually increases the efficiency of treatment and reduces the side effects usually associated with oncomedicine. For establishing these treatments, research has expanded on several avenues such as finding new biomarkers for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, analyzing novel compounds for treatment and the clinical efficiency of such treatments. And that is why every little bit (of research) matters!

World cancer day is not just a day to recognize the presence of a fatal disorder as one of the top causes of death. It is a day to appreciate all the efforts taken to beat cancer, to support the patients, the survivors, the lost loved ones and families, and a day to congratulate all those who have had even a tiny bit of success towards solving the mystery of cancer. This day we pledge to contribute to this cause as members of a global society with a common cause; let’s beat cancer!

Science; endorsing harmony from beginning to end!!!!




Organized exchange and knowledge is not vault by global boundaries; without a doubt, science can endorse communication and insightful acquaintance across such borders. Nowadays it’s called life-sciences atmosphere which is thought to be brain tiring, but according to my point of view there are countless sound motives on the basis of which one can consider science as an endowment of Almighty. When this era is of riches, it will take full advantage of productivity by curtail downtime. The flair given by science and its amazing innovations are laudable. Nurturing peace amidst of so much exhausting demanding and societal life is an intricate but essential purpose that is imperative for soul, creativity and positivity. The novel and aged gifted possessions of science have built-in our lives and keep us managing our multiple roles in effective manner. We are benefited from our general needs to extensive prop up by appliances, networks, gadgets etc. which not only guarantee prompt responses but also make life much easier by lessening the burden of exertion and wastage of time. During Past two decades efforts have been made to promote communication, alliance and peace-edifice all the way through scientific and health happenings in the world. However, chipping in such ventures, is often dappled by biased apprehensions and actions crop up in any part of world. I personally want to encourage my reader to stick together this hold up as civilian scientists working for peace. Though I am aware of the fact that there are grounds to commemorate particularly these times, we have at our side, an extensive continuum of devices and paraphernalia that imitate the play of idol, and in order to determine the extent of contentment ensuing from these inventions, but on the whole I also do believe that Nations and cultures are a ostentatious buds of the glint that merged as ideas and dreams envisaged in any scientist’s mind. These inner sparks of insight are the ignition to our original and innovative blaze, and from my positive viewpoint the overwhelming of intellects, gives philanthropic nativity to a magnificent divisions and creations of science that is in point of fact revealing  and enlightening civilizations and progress. Read More

Most needed Sanitation of minds!!!!





As we for eternity think, plan, and worry regarding our belongings, our minds get muddled with feelings and opinions that made difficult in focusing and this brings a great decline in our major hub (heart) and the mental and intellectual energies to be flourish any explicit chore. The imaginative abilities and creative aptitude establish by clearing out your mind. Understanding, factual insight and cerebral simplicity make your mind is balanced, amenable and can shift all the way through uncertainty and mystification into lingering understanding. The foundation or prosperous achievement of psychological matters to the highest standards involves the advent of new perception or pitches. Intellectual implementation, aptness, and blessings are gifted for mind accomplishment as lucidity of thinking. It is fascinating to unwrap the veneer now – carve in the itinerary to fabrication  our mind and explore the requirements to take the indispensable steps to put into service, our thoughts do actualize our imperative trance or idea. Once our physical being recognize the proper influence of brain it turned out to be luminous as it buff all the way through the inner zeal and oddity. If something is distressing you take it as this is the beginning of incredibly new-fangled that may need your liveliness to hook on to fresh plans and dreams too. Belief on the happiness can actually make it go on with affirmation and constructively fall in directions ones want to. The mind is well thought-out to trade up the peace, pleasure and soothe so it envisage always an impending profit such as, replacing any habit unintentionally..Read More