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Continuing Education

AEIRC’s Academic Department for Continuing Education runs over 100 courses per year, offered on a part-time basis. Programmes include AEIRC awards and certificates at undergraduate and postgraduate level, online short courses, weekly classes, day and weekend events, continuing professional development and summer schools.AEIRC awards & Certification We offer both undergraduate and postgraduate AEIRC qualifications: certificates, diplomas, advanced Programs, offered part-time, in the arts, social sciences, health care and biomedical sciences. Course duration ranges from one year to several years part-time.Most of our award bearing courses are part-time and are designed for students who work or have duties of care.

Subject areas are diverse:

Research Electives


Program is self-designed because the demands necessary for a particular research project are unique to the project. Fundamental concepts and basic medical research should be addressed through the educational experience, lecture, discussion with faculty advisor, or active participation by the student during the rotation. These fundamental processes of medical research include:

1. Developing a hypothesis
2. Literature review to evaluate uniqueness of study
3. A priori statistical analysis for clinical studies
4. Experimental design
5. Obtaining and collecting data and avoiding bias
6. Presenting raw data and statistical analysis
7. Preparing or submitting for publication
8. Ethics etc.

Session XII of Research Elective is offered in collaboration with ESSA Lab

Time Day Total Duration Course Fee Total No. of Classes
2:30 – 6:30 Saturday 6 Weeks 10,000 PKR 6

submit your registration fee @ Essa Lab, Abul Hassan Isphahani before 25th December 2015

Venue : Essa Lab, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Abul Hassan Isphahani

Contact: 0333-3549258, 021-34968377, 021-34968378

Orientation Class 1st January 2016

Classes Starting from 2nd January 2016

Program Postponed, New Dates will be announced soon.


Clinical Psychophysiology Professional Program 

The Clinical Psychophysiology professional program at AEIRC is designed to prepare you enter a fast-growing, versatile area in the health care industry. As a Community Mental Health Worker (CMHW), you will interact with patients, physicians, and additional health care providers on a regular basis. Through a combination of traditional teaching and hands-on training, this program is designed to help you acquire the knowledge and skills to become a professional psychophysiology medical professional and a vital part of the health care field. There is a focus on the various concepts related to common mental health issues, including neurobiology, the DSM-IV-TR, various mental disorders, treatment  modalities, and addictions. Assessment tools will also be discussed as well as intervention techniques

  1. Time Day Total Duration Course Fee Total No. of Classes
    2:30 – 4:30 Mon-Tue 24 Weeks 30000 PKR 48

    Clinical Research


    Clinical Research Program, is designed to prepare students, academics, physicians, industry and hospital based researchers to conduct, implement and interpret clinical research at the intersection between basic science and clinical medicine. It is designed to bring diverse disciplines together to address the increasing gap between “bench” research and “bedside” application and from bedside application to improved healthcare quality.

    Time Day Total Duration Course Fee Total No. of Classes
    2:30 – 4:30 Sunday 4 Weeks 5000 PKR 4

    Nutrition and Dietetics


    The aim of this advance course is to provide latest knowledge and advancements in field of nutrition and dietetics. To make aware life and health science students from various field including graduate, undergraduate, nurses, herbal medicines pharmacist students to gain knowledge about nutrition and dietetics as well. The course will emphasize on general topics related to basic principles of nutrition and dietetics along with the metabolism, energy requirements and balances. Medicinal nutritional therapy, nutritional assessments and management techniques that will help students to put their contribution into practice in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

    Time Day Total Duration Course Fee Total No. of Classes
    4:30 – 6:30 Saturday 4 Weeks 5000 PKR 4

    Epidemiology & Bio-statistics


    Epidemiology, the study of the distribution and determinants of diseases in human populations, will be introduced for students intending to conduct independent research on health-related issues. To acquaint students with various Statistical Techniques used to draw conclusions in Experimental Research. To emphasize the use of these Techniques to address the problems and issues arising in the discipline of Pharmacy and to find their solutions using Statistical Software.

    Time Day Total Duration Course Fee Total No. of Classes
    2:30 – 4:30 Sunday 4 Weeks 5000 PKR 4

    Body, Brain & Behavior : Human Psychophysiology Research


    The content of this professional course is relevant to individuals with interest in all areas of Psychophysiology and topics are selected to reflect the variety of psychophysiological methods currently used in psychological research. The primary aim of the course is to understand current knowledge and theory in psychophysiology and to learn how psychophysiological methods can inform research in theory in other substantive areas such as cognition, emotion, personality and psychopathology.

    One Day Professional Courses

    The focus of these course will empower the learner in skills that are beneficial to play their effective part in an organization in a competent way as well as to improve the individual role in a society. AEIRC will accept minimum 10 nominations from each institution to offer any One Day Professional Courses.

    Courses offered are as follow:

    • Child psychology
    • Psychology of women health
    • Time management
    • Stress management
    • Emotions & health
    • Research designs
    • Basic statistics in research
    • SPSS utilization
    • Basic life support
    • Organizational management
    • Positive attitude building
    • Psychosocial well-being
    • Career counselling
    • Presentation skills
    • Research writing

    Who are our AEIRC qualifications students?

    Our students come from every background, from all over the world, and are all ages.

    Some are trying out higher education for the first time, when they come to us. At the other end of the scale are those who already have degrees, and who are now interested in further study, and those who are changing their direction in life through education.

    our students are just above everyone you can imagine!

    Online & Distance learning

    Choose from over 20 courses across a range of disciplines. Most are short courses of 4-10 weeks in duration, accredited. A few longer courses result in AEIRC qualifications.

    Day & Weekend events

    Courses of 1 or 2 days duration, usually held at weekends and taught by lecturers and speakers who are noted authorities in their field of research. Many courses are offered in conjunction with national organizations.


  1. How can I get myself registered for specific course?
    Ans: You just have to fill the given online form to get registered.
  2. When will course get started?
    Ans: As soon as we have a group of minimum 5 candidates, your course will be started.
  3. How many students will there be in one batch?
    Ans: AEIRC only caters one on one mentoring and to ensure that, only 10 students will be included in each course.
  4. Can I take more than one course at a time?
    Ans: Yes, you can take more than one course at a time
  5. Are there any special discounts?
    Ans: All discounts are on the need based scholarships and in case of any available opportunity you will be informed accordingly.
  6. Can AEIRC help me organize a session in my institute?
    Ans: Yes, AEIRC can come to hold a session at your institute through proper channel.
  7. Is AEIRC offering online courses?
    Ans: Yes, you can have this facility by sending a special request to the given email address (
  8. I did not find any details of one day courses, how can I find?
    Ans: One day courses will be offered on special request of minimum 5 participants.