Forgotten History of empowered women

  • Muhammad Moiz Khan University of Karachi
Keywords: Women Empowerment, History of Women, Gender Equality


Background: Since the time immemorial half of the humanity has been ignored and hardly mentioned in the history book compared to the other half of humanity. History has been written by men, of men and for men. There is tons of literature talking about and glorifying kings, generals, lords, inventors, poets, writers, philosophers, artists, that were men. However not much literary work has been produced on the same scale to exalt the other gender.

Methodology: The literature search was employed through electronic databases including Embase, PubMed, Research gate, Scopus & Google Scholar. The most difficult question to settle before embarking upon this research was which personalities should be selected for fulfilling the criteria of the research. Eventually selection was made covering most parts of the globe since ancient times.

Results: The study of history reveals the fact that women in the past have contributed in almost every field yet they were just mentioned in margins of history and as a support, rather than the main characters. Although women have influenced in many fields but this study revolves around few empowered women who influenced socio-political arena of their time and space.

Conclusion: It has become imperative to bring the forgotten past of these women to build upon the rational of gender equality.


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