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AEIRC has always promoted and believed in the fundamental rights of women to the highest attainable standard of health, including physical, mental, emotional well-being. This year our annual International Women empowerment Conference has reached its 5th year successfully. AEIRC has decided to broaden the horizon. As Women Empowerment helps women in accelerating their social, economic, political and legal strengths, to ensure equal-right, and to make them confident enough to claim their rights, this is how empowered populations developed a foundation for sustainable social, economic and environmental development and for peace and security, and vice versa. However, despite many advances over the previous decades, large numbers of women still suffer ill health, with thousands dying every day from preventable infections or diseases that are caused mostly due to poor hygiene. This conference is to endorse the efforts based on the solutions for empowerment of women that includes Education through mass communication including both women and men who should be made aware of their responsibilities to promote and practice gender-equality. This conference will also focus on women in the field of Information Technology, Science, Engineering and Mathematics and how women are working along men in the technical world. AEIRC- Women research division presently hosting this conference with important panels like Women in Technical world, Women infections, what after me too movement? Feminine Hygiene, Women & Computing & Social media. AEIRC has successfully achieved 5th year of this annual gathering and we hope like all the years this year we will be able to enlighten each participant with the issues and probable solutions that is needed for an overall development of the society. This year the conference proceedings include around 90 abstracts of keynote talks, panels, and free papers to be presented both in oral and poster format. The panel sessions. This year the theme of conference will focus on Women in Science & Technology, also on social change and Nutrition and Hygiene of women. We are thankful to International bodies like Microsoft, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), Nutrition International, Right Start, Canada Pakistan Research & Development Council and National collaborators  including Tehrik-e-Niswan, Pakistan Medical Association, ORIC-University of Karachi, Pakistan National Forum for women health, Essa laboratories, OBS pharma and Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education for their academic support and collaboration that has definitely raise the content of conference towards advancements and implementation.