Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development Goals- Planet 50-50 by 2030; are we on the right track?

  • Sadaf Ahmed Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre.
  • Shamoon Noushad Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre.
Keywords: Women Empowerment, Sustainable Development Goals, Women Rights


Women and girls are almost half the world’s population and they are on the fronts that’s why often more intensely impacted than other genders by poverty, weather change, food uncertainty, lack of healthcare, and worldwide economic crises. Their contributions are central to outcomes. With the new global 2030 roadmap and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advised by UN Member States on 25 September 2015, included aspects on how women are affected by each of the 17 proposed SDGs, as well as how women and girls can be key to achieving each of these goals.