Physical stress during menstrual cycle; A study on pain, discomfort & exhaustion

  • Afshan Tabassum Department of Physiology, University of Karachi
  • Sadaf Ahmed Advance Educational Institute and Research Centre. Department of Physiology, University of Karachi
  • Shamoon Noushad Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre (AEIRC)
Keywords: Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Physical Stress, Sadaf Stress Scale, Menstruation, Premenstrual Pain


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a set of physical, emotional & behavioral symptoms that start during the week preceding menstruation & are alleviated when the menstrual flow begins. The purpose of this study was to evaluate symptoms of PMS in relation to intensity of pain & physical stress by using Sadaf Stress Scale (SSS). PMS affects menstruating women globally & causes extensive personal & public health problems with high degree of absenteeism. It is the most common gynecological problem that has been reported to affect the ability of women to carry out daily activities. Data was collected from women aged 17-35 years having premenstrual pain. The prevalence was determined by questionnaire include issues about exercise, intensity of pain, severity and flow of blood during reproductive cycle. Results shows 15% mild, 14% moderate & 5% sever symptoms of physical stress with only 4% females are interested in doing exercise. Premenstrual pain was one of the most common complain among these females of reproductive age with sever to moderate discomforts during menstruation along with the concerns of heavy or moderate bleeding. It is recommended that inquiries about pelvic pain & menstrual discomforts should be made compulsory in health care centers, so that this major problem could be overcome causing hindrances in routine life with women.


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Tabassum, A., Ahmed, S., & Noushad, S. (2015). Physical stress during menstrual cycle; A study on pain, discomfort & exhaustion. International Journal on Women Empowerment, 1, 38-42.