Femininity and their rights violation – A case study

  • Karishma Karim Halani
  • Shaileen Karim
Keywords: Women Empowerment, Rights Violation, Lack of Awareness, Gender Discrimination


This paper highlights the concept of women rights violation and male dominancy over women. Further, it will discuss the causes that are responsible for it such as cultural values, traditions, family restrictions, rearing styles and lack of women empowerment. Along with this, all the causes are responsible for several impacts those are helplessness, low self-esteem and confidence etc. Moreover, practical recommendations are shared to reduce this problem. Research journals from 2012-2013 were chosen and considered to discover reliable and divergent analysis. Male dominancy, family values, stigma and women values are the topics that were preferred to read. These topics will come across throughout this literature review. It was clearly understood that women have a diverse prospects and mores according to her culture that influences their way to health care. It is vital to support educational systems and healthcare providers to spread awareness related to women rights. This attempt will assist in rising public knowledge. It will also promote effective care to women and ultimately the whole family. Concluding that violation of women rights and male dominancy are the vital and most important issue to be addresses. Certain recommendations that can be done to reduce this problem are as follows a) Student as human rights advocator can aware women about acceptable behaviors of family and should teach to differentiate between right and wrong behaviors b) Nurses should assure social protection for women c) Nurse as an education promoter should make sure that women should be on priority for health literacy.