Reviewer's Guide

Reviewers are the key professionals in the peer review process. The editorial decision of whether to accept, reject or defer the article mainly depend upon the reviewer’s opinion regarding a particular manuscript. Once the article passed the in-house check, the editorial board select the reviewers for the peer review process. The selection of the reviewer not only depend on the relevance of the article to the expertise of the reviewer but also the reputation and past experience of IJWE with the respective reviewer.

Responsibilities of the Reviewers

Competing interests

The reviewers must declare all sort of conflicts that may prevent him/her from reviewing. Competing interests may be personal, financial, intellectual, professional, political or religious in nature. Moreover, a reviewer should not agree for the review process just to gain sight of the manuscript with no intention of submitting a review.


IJWE has the policy of blind peer review process. According to which, the reviewers are unaware of the authors identity and so are the authors. The reviewers must maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript and refrain from using information obtained during the review process for ones wn or others benefits.


The reviewers are requested to respond to an invitation to peer review within a reasonable time-frame. The reviewer should only agree to review a manuscript if h/she feel qualified to judge the particular manuscript and are able to return a review within the proposed time-frame. In case of delay, or inability to fulfill the agreement even after acceptance, the reviewer must inform the journal in all such circumstances.

Suspicion of ethics violations

In case of any irregularities with respect to research and publication ethics the reviewer must contact the editor of the journal directly rather than self-investigation.


The reviewers are supposed to give their expert opinion about various aspects of the manuscript under consideration for publication.


Though clarity of the references is the responsibility of authors, however, reviewers are expected to do a rigorous check to assure that references comply the guidelines of IJWE and are listed without any ambiguity. Beside technicalities of the paper, the reviewers should also give feedback over general issues including,

  1. Language, whether it is simple enough for non-technical professionals to understand or not,
  2. Whether the authors have dealt with the topic rationally or not,
  3. Whether authors have provided decent background of the study or not, etc.


The usual time to review the paper is three weeks after the reviewer accepts invitation for the review process. IJWE expects that reviewers keep their commitment to submit the reviews within the set deadline. Efficient feedback is mandatory for the fast processing of the article and prompt response to the authors.


Reviewer’s names selected for the Review Board will only appear on the website under Review Board section of The Editorial Board and is published in the printed copy of the journal (particular issue). Due to the large number of reviewers, it is not possible to put the names of all the reviewers on the website or printed copy of the journal.