International Journal on Wome Empowerment (IJWE) does not receive funding from any source and is self- financed. IJWE is one among the journals published by Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre (AEIRC). The publication criteria and processing are solely dependent upon the publishing fee and the personal finance of the publisher. 

Revenues Requirement:

Revenues are required for the services and printing cost of the article. As an open access journal, IJWE has no subscription fee. Journal content can be freely accessed by the reader on the journal website.  The publication fee is PKR. 3000 (National Submission) or 50$ (International Submission).  

IJWE covers the costs of production, online publication, editing and web hosting, online availability of articles on indexed databases, assigning digital object identifier (DOI), an online repository and peer review through a modest and affordable publication fee paid by authors.