Editor In Chief

Shershah Syed, Pakistan.

Shershah completed his training in obstetrics and gynecology in Ireland. He was fellow of Royal College of, London. Founder of Amnesty International & Koohi Goth Hospital, Karachi a regional center for the management and rehabilitation of women with genital tract fistula. His main interest is in maternal death, violence against women and training of midwives. He received FIGO award for best community obstetrician. He was included in 100 most inspiring persons & received Bill Clinton and UAE award as fistula surgeon in Pakistan.

He is a long distance Marathon runner and runs for Rape crisis center and against blindness in children. He has been a very vocal voice for the indigent in Pakistan and was also PMA Central Secretary General in past. Shershah has served as Director of Women’s Right to Life and Health Project of Government of Sind in collaboration with Unicef, Columbia University and John Hopkins University, the USA to provide EmOC in city slums and rural Sindh. He is a Member of WHO Core Committee to develop protocols for women reproductive issues.

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Co-Editor In Chief

Dr. Severine Minot, Morocco 

Severine Minot has completed her Ph.D. in Sociology from York University, Toronto, Canada. Her research interests include the cultural politics of identity formation and transformation, and the trans-cultural dynamics emergent from the global flow of people, merchandise, capital and information. She is certified in Social Communication & Group Facilitation from Saint-Paul University, Ottawa, Canada. Currently serving as Assistant professor at School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Social Development and Policy, Habib University, Pakistan. As an integral part of her work, she heeds the social conditions and practices that (re)produce structural inequalities and various forms of marginality and “otherness” surrounding ethnicity/race, gender, class, religion/beliefs and nationality.

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