Authorship Disagreements

IJWE follows COPE Guidelines for authorship issues both before and after manuscript publication:

Pre-publication Criteria

For addition of an extra author, all authors must agree for addition of the extra author. The new author should complete journals authorship declaration. In case of removal of author before publication, all author must agree on the removal, if the author to be remove do not agree with the decision than the matter may continue and the publication will be delayed until all author agree to the same decision including the author to be excluded.

Post- publication Criteria

For addition of authors name into a manuscript after publication, journal requires consent of all authors to addition of extra author, the corresponding author and the co-authors must clarify the reason for the change. If only the authors provide sufficient details the correction will be published, if the authors disagree, the publication will be with-held until the dispute will be resolved among the authors themself.  In case of removal of an author from a published manuscript all authors are required to provide acceptable reason for the change and if all authors agree, the change will be published. If the authors have difference in interpretation. It is recommended that author to be removed gets a fair chance and is suggested to put his/her views in a letter and explain,  other authors would get a chance to respond and both the letters will be published.