Editorial Advisory Board

Hilda SaeedPakistan.

Hilda Saeed is a Pakistani activist and freelance journalist. She is currently the chair of Shirkat Gah, a Lahore based Women's Resource Center. Hilda worked to support women subjected to forced marriages and to prevent honour killings in Pakistan. She is the founding member of the Women's Action Forum (WAF) and Pakistan Reproductive Health Network. She worked as a medical researcher, forensic serologist, and also as a journalist. Hilda has represented Pakistan on several international forums. She was also a member of Health, Empowerment, Rights & Accountability (HERA), an association of women health activists.  

Academic Profile

Sheema Karmani, Pakistan.

Sheema Kermani is a Pakistani social activist, and an exponent of Bharatanatyam dance. She is the founder of Tehrik-e-Niswan, that works to reduce domestic violence & promotes peacebuilding. Sheema is an Independent Arts Professional and performs to promote peace. Her performance at the Sehwan Sharif after the barbaric suicide attack and at the Faiz Aman Mela, Lahore were everlasting tributes. She is an active member for the Women’s Movement and the other peace movements in Pakistan and South Asia.

Academic Profile 

Dr. Faria Ahsan, Pakistan.

Dr. Faria Ahsan graduated from University of Melbourne, Australia in Public Health in 2009. She has also been associated with huge projects like Merlin International (MI), Islamabad. Recently she has been working on UNWFP, Islamabad Co, Pakistan National Consultant- Chakki Fortification Project. She is a Recognized expert resource for analysis of nutrition, reproductive health, maternal and child health and gender and an experienced DRM professional with expertise in developing sustainable programs as part of rehabilitation and recovery.  Her expertise includes Strategic Planning, Project Development/Management, Team Management and Quality Assurance.                        

Dr. Fatema Haque, Bangladesh.

Dr. Fatema Haque is an MBBS doctor from the University of Dhaka. She has worked as a lecturer at the Department of Biochemistry, MH Samorita Medical College. Currently teaching physiology at Dhaka National Medical College.