Senior Editors

Kaneez Fatima Shad, Australia.

Kaneez Fatima Shad got her Ph. D. from the School of Physiology and Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales (UNSW) in neuroscience followed by postdoctoral training at the Allegheny University of Health Sciences, Philadelphia, USA. She is Professor at University of Technology, Sydney with specialization in Neurosciences. She has been working on peripheral markers of brain and mind disorders, project for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease using MR Spectroscopy. Dr. Shad has successfully developed a stroke meter (identifies the future risk of stroke). She is also a member of various scientific societies including Coordinator Neuroscience Program Network, IBRO for Asia Pacific region, Regional representative Women in Neuroscience, Australian Physiological Society, Australian Neuroscience Society and New York Academy of Sciences. She is associated as an expert referee for British Journal of Pharmacology, Journal of Ethnopharmacology & Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and therapeutics.

Rupa Talukdar, India.

Rupa Talukdar has a degree in Psychological Counselling from Institute for Behavioral and Management Sciences, India. Followed by Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Calcutta. She is a known Graphologist from Kolkata Institute of Graphology, Rehabilitation Psychologist (IGNOU). She has been serving as Chief Executive Psychological Counsellor and Graphologist at Mind's Eye-A Centre for Psychological Well-Being & rejuvenation. Rupa is the author of books and magazines on psychological issues. A few from her collection include Parenting and signature in Bangalis & Human Relationships. Besides this, she is also a member of Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).

Rashid Hashmi, Australia. 

Rashid Hashmi obtained his Ph. D. degree in Diagnostic Radiology from the Nagasaki University, Japan. He has been working at the Radiology department in various institutes including Nagasaki University Hospital (Japan), Aga Khan University Hospital, Civil Hospital and Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (Pakistan). His research interest concentrates on Radiography and Various imaging techniques and their usefulness in the healthcare setting. Dr. Rashid is Associate Professor at Rural Medical School, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia and also the Director of Clinical Imaging Tutorials, Australia. He is an active member of Australasian Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists.

Sagheer Ahmed, Pakistan.

Sagheer Ahmed obtained his Ph. D. in Pharmacology from University of Karachi, Pakistan. He then moved to Brunei Darussalam for Postdoctoral training at PARPSB Institute of Health Sciences, University Brunei Darussalam. He has been working on antiplatelet and anticoagulant activities inducing myocardial infarction and broadly pharmacokinetics. He is appointed as Professor at Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, Islamabad. Recipient of grants from HEC and Directorate of Science & Technology, Government of Pakistan to investigate genetic variation among Pakistani population. Besides this, he is an active member of the British Pharmacological Society, UK and International Brain Research Organization, France. And also associated with Journal of Translational Research Molecules, Journal of Ethnopharmacology and Pharmaceutical Biology as a reviewer.

Nelofar Sultana, Pakistan.

Nelofar sultana completed her Ph. D. on factors causing demantia in geriatric Pakistani population from University of Karachi, Pakistan. She has served as Associate Professor at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) till the year 2015. She is working as Professor and Head of Department at Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical College (SMBBMC), Karachi. Dr. Nelofar is also the founder of Geriatric Society ‘Mera Ghar’. She has been involved in Alzheimer’s Research lately. Moreover, she is an active member of Pakistan Physiological Soicety, International Union of Physiological Sciences, International Society of Neurosciences IBRO and Alzheimer’s Society.

Humera Gul, Pakistan. 

Humera Gul has obtained her Ph. D. degree in Plants physiology from the Department of Botany, University of Karachi, where she studied Salt tolerance in canola with special reference to its reproductive physiology. She has also been involved in the research work regarding Biosaline Agriculture. She is an Assistant professor at Botany Department, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan and an active member of Pakistan Botanical Society.

Shamim Qureshi, Pakistan.

Shamim Qureshi completed her Ph. D. research on Isolation of Antibiotics from Soil Fungi at Department of Biochemistry, University of Karachi, Pakistan. She joined as Professor at Department of Biochemistry, University of Karachi. Besides this, she is also working as Secretary of University of Karachi Alumni Association (UKAA) Baltimore, Washington, Scholarships in Karachi. She is an independent researcher and her research work focus on pharmacological activities of natural products, clinical chemistry, Hyperlipidemia, and liver diseases and Biotechnology. Moreover, she is an active member of Pakistan Society of Pharmacognosy, and Pakistan Society of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Dr. Shamim is also working in association with many reputed journals like Global Journal of Pharmacology, Journal of Dow University of Health Sciences, British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicines and European Journal of Medicinal Plants.

Saima Gul, Pakistan.

Saima Gul has completed her Ph. D. on Effect of antioxidant and antiplatelet activity on plants & their signal transduction from University of Karachi, Pakistan. Continued her Postdoctoral training at Timing, memory and decision-making lab, Department Of Psychology, Koç University, Istanbul. She has been working on Behavioral Psychology, Pharmacology, Molecular biology, and Neuroscience. She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Physical Therapy, Shifa Tameer E Millat University, Islamabad. Saima is an active Member of IBRO: Pakistan Society of Basic and Applied Neuroscience (PSBAN) and Women in World Neuroscience society, Pakistan.

Iftikhar Alam, Pakistan.

Iftikhar Alam did his Ph. D. in Nutritional Immunology and Aging from University of Tübingen, Germany, where he investigated T-cell dysfunction and its involvement in causing chtonic antigenic stress. He is Assistant Professor and the founder Chairman of the Department of Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Bacha Khan University, Pakistan. He has been extensively involved in research regarding the immune system responses towards diseases including cancers, and also involve response towards aging and organ transplantation.

Muhammad Ali Sheeraz, Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Sheraz has obtained his Ph. D. degree in Pharmaceutics from Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Followed by Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at The Kroto Research Institute, University Department in Sheffield, England. He is Associate Professor and Chairman at Department of Pharmacy Practice at Baqai Medical University, Pakistan. He is also the Chief Editor of Baqai Journal of Health Sciences. His research interest focus on drug formulation, photochemistry, and pharmaceutical technologies. Sheeraz is also an active member of American Chemical Society and Council of Asian Science Editors (CASE). He has been involved in Editorial and review process of various journals like Drug Design, Development, and Therapy, Water Air and Soil Pollution, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, RSC Advances etc. as Referee.

Fauzia Imtiaz, Pakistan.

Fauzia Imtiaz has completed her Ph. D. from Department of Genetics, University of Karachi. She has been working on the Molecular aspect of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. The main focus of her current research work is characterization and identification of different genes/mutations involved in heart diseases and neurological disorders. She is serving as Professor and Chairperson of Department of Biochemistry, Dow University of Health Sciences.  She is an active Member of Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Dow Medical College (DMC) and Pakistan Association of Pathologist. She has been associated with International Journal of Biology and Biotechnology, and International Invention Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences as Editorial board member. Besides this, she is also a writer and contributed various chapters on immunology and parasitology in the book entitled Public health and community medicine.