License for Publication

Escalating Research follows the creative commons attribution license (CCAL). For details, please read the human-readable summary or the full license legal code. As per CCAL, whoever publish in Escalating Research retain copyrights of their work, but allow third party to download, reprint, reuse, distribute, modify, copy, etc. their article with appropriate attribution.

In most of the cases, appropriate attribution can be provided by citing the original article. If the content you would like to reuse is not a published article as a whole or a part of the article, for example thread from a correspondent or an image and then please mention complete details of the used content with the issue in which it appeared along with other relevant details.

Escalating Research adopted the CCAL to promote scientific work and disseminate knowledge without any restrictions. Authors should seek permission from the editorial board of Escalating Research prior publishing their articles elsewhere. Reprints requests should be sent to editorial office at: