Manuscript Preparation

General Requirements         

Article should be composed in A4 size with 1 inch margin from all sides, 12 font with double spacing. Tables, figures and illustrations should appear in the end of the text, one table or figure per page. See the sample template on Escalating Research website.

All manuscripts should be submitted in English.       

Components of Article         

Title Page

The title page should contain the complete title of the manuscript, complete name of authors with their affiliation, corresponding author with complete contact details, running title, keywords, email addresses of all authors, and total number of pages, words, figures, and tables.

Title of the article

The title should not exceed 150 characters. It should be reasonably self-explanatory yet concise to give an eye catching view of the topic to the researchers outside the respective field. Only first word of the title should start with capital letter. Authors should avoid the use of abbreviations in the title.


5 keywords should be mentioned. These keywords are used in indexing the article and are usually published with the abstract.


The article must include structured abstract (background, methodology, results & conclusion). No more than 250 words.


This should describe the purpose of the article and its rationale. Results of article (if any) must be presented in the form of text. Tables and illustrations should be added wherever required. The contents of the tables should not be repeated in the text. Instead, a reference to the table or figure number must be given. Article should emphasize the present findings and comparison should be made of variations or similarities with other studies in the respective field. It must be mentioned whether the hypothesis in the article is true, false or no conclusions can be derived.

Note: 1. The article should range between 700 – 1200 words.


If required, it should be written in the end with heading.

Competing interest

A competing interest arises when a professional judgment concerning a primary interest may be influenced by a secondary interest. Escalating Research ask all authors at the time of submission to disclose any competing interest they may have.


Authors should declare sources of funding for the research mentioned, affirming that they have not entered into an agreement with the funding organization that may have limited their ability to complete research as planned, and that they have had full control of all primary data.

Tables and Illustrations

Tables and illustrations should be merged within the text of the papers. Legends for illustrations should be placed on the same sheet. Tables should be simple and should supplement rather than duplicate information in the text. Tables repeating information should be omitted. Each table should have a title and double spaced text. Tables should be numbered sequentially. Page numbers should always be in the upper right corner. Any abbreviations should be explained in the footnotes when they first appear in the text. Only official abbreviations should be used. When graphs, scattergrams, or histograms are submitted, the numerical data on which they are based should be supplied. All graphs should be made in MS Excel, sent as a separate file, even if they are merged in the manuscript. For scanned photographs, the highest resolution should be used.


Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all references. References should be numbered consecutively as they appear in the text (in superscript), preferably at the end of a sentence and listed in numerical order at the end of the manuscript. Escalating Research follows the APA style of references.