Why to join AEIRC?

One of the greatest benefits of membership is to know that you are part of a TEAM with whom you can share your experiences and knowledge and from whom you can receive support in promoting Research and Knowledge. Our team likes to increase the membership and looking forward to welcome a wide range of Health & Social Care graduates and professionals.

We are looking forward for you to …….. Join us!


The member ship shall be open to every adult of either sex who shall acknowledge and agree in writing with the aims and objective of the institute provided 2/3 majority of the existing members approved the admission of such new member and shall pay the admission fee and annual membership fee as decided time to time by the managing committee

join AEIRC Research Divisions (Select only one)

  • Women Research Division
  • Cardiac Research Division
  • Psychophysiology Research Division
  • Diabetes Research Division
  • Youth Research Division

Membership types

  • Expert Adviser (Honorary)
  • Professional Member (Membership fee 2000 PKR) / annual
  • Student Member (Membership fee 500 PKR) / annual

Membership Conditions:

Membership is open to social workers, clinicians & non-physician members (such as Basic & allied researchers). When you are admitted to Candidate Fellowship you agree to:

a) Members should submit at least 2 abstracts on different topics to AEIRC Annual Meeting/conference.

b) Attend at least 1 AEIRC Annual Meeting per year.


a) Every member who fails to pay membership fee for a consecutive period of three years shall be terminated/ removed from the society by a unanimous decision of the managing committee.

b) Every member who engage in any activity or act or behave in a manner contrary to aims and objective of the society either by active behavior or otherwise, a resolution for removal is passed against him by the managing committee or a special general body meeting shall be removed from the membership by giving him show cause notice.

c) A member shall cease to be a society for any of the following reason.

i.Resignation accepted by the managing committee.

ii.Death of the member.

iii.Gross misconduct.

iv. Final conviction and sentence by a court of law involving criminal turpitude following by the resolution of the managing committee.

v.Member becoming mad, insane and abnormal declared by the competent medical board.


A member, who ceased to be a member of society, or whose membership has been terminated for any of the reasons mentioned above may be re-enrolled as a member with the approval of the General Body on the written request and on payment of the arrears (if any) except clause C (iii).


Ambassadors are strong champions supporter of Team and its ongoing projects.

You can contribute to the research & awareness event series in 2016 and show your high standard of enthusiasm, intellect and professionalism too get certified for each event! you have a chance to win BEST AMBASSADOR AWARD at the end of the year.


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