AEIRC is a non-profit Independent Research Organization involved in Basic,Applied & Clinical Research to fortify the aim of developing healthier Pakistan. Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, the organization was established in the year 2010 & registered with the Registrar Joint Stock Companies, Sind-Pakistan. AEIRC have developed 6 specialized research divisions under its umbrella and these division focuses towards Sustainable Development Goals specifically goal number 3, 4, 5, 11 & 17.


  • Developing domestic and international academic exchange activities and Carrying out Continuing Education programs and trainings.
  • Collaborating and Supporting government, academic institutes and corporate sector to connect research and development in more effective ways.
  • Promoting research and development agendas for effective capacity building, advocating research outcome and community awareness.
  • Conducting scientific meetups for dissemination of outcomes, to collaborate, connect and fortify research culture.
  • Focusing on the needs of Research & development AEIRC publishes journals, books and manuals to endorse finest standards of education including print and electronic versions through rigorous peer-review together with strict ethical policies.
  • Inscribe Ethical Guidelines among all stakeholders with a multidisciplinary forum for the analysis and discussion of ethical standards affecting patient care, professional education and community interests


Center For Maternal And Child Health Research

The Center for Maternal and Child Health Research Center (CoMCHR) carries out research focusing health and care of women and children. The Center believes in the close relationship between issues related to maternal and child health and emphasis are the prime role of health services and the community in promoting population health. Our research domain is multidisciplinary and sketches a range of approaches to collect and assimilate the available evidence and propose recommendations on maternal and child healthcare, policy and practice for improving maternal and child health survival in the developing countries. The Center is comprised of four subdivisions: (1) Models and frameworks of Care; (2) Maternal and Child Health and related Social determinants; (3) Maternal and Child Mental Health; (4) Education and Care in the Community,
Facilitator: Dr. M. Bilal Siddiqui
Email: Bilal@aeirc-edu.com

Diabetes Research Division

The Diabetes Research Division brings together a multidisciplinary group of independent researchers as well as professional supporting staff, new investigators and trainees to indicate the threats as well as complications as emerging worsening of diabetes in Pakistan. The core objective is to lessen the preventable burden of diabetes through public health leadership, partnership, research, programs, and policies that translate science into practice. Basically, we focus our efforts where we can achieve the greatest impact for populations with the greatest burden or risk and complications. Division focus to enhance and improve community learning about preventable measures, healthy living with diabetes and environmental strategies to support the suffering and working group.
Facilitator:Dr. Zafar Iqbal Abbasi
Email: Zafar@aeirc-edu.com

Women Research Division

Women Research Division brings together researchers, public leaders, and practitioners who support women empowerment. We focus to conduct high-quality research to inform policy, practice, and action on gender-based viciousness. The priorities in the Division are the Women Issues like Femininity and rights, Self-identity, harassment, Violence, Women cancers, Infectious diseases/STD, Women leadership & values, Female entrepreneurship, Psychological wellbeing, Physical health & lifestyle etc.
Facilitator:Dr. Nida Khan
Email: Nida@aeirc-edu.com

Cardiac Research Division

The division focus to spread and apply knowledge covering general population in order to prevent morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases. Through the collaborative efforts of organizations, health professionals and researchers based locally, nationally, and internationally we are interested in transforming the research-based solutions to develop and improve present status of cardiovascular disease prevention as well as cure. The scope of the Cardiac Research Division, targeting many different parts of our community, striving to improve the health of the diverse group population of Pakistan and emphasizing on the major risks factors to our populace.
Facilitator: Muhammad Arif
Email: Arif@aeirc-edu.com

Psychophysiology Research Division

AEIRC is a Pioneer in Psychophysiology Research setup in Pakistan. This division has done extensive work in terms of understanding and exploring the science of psychophysiology, particularly the psychophysiology of stress and its effects on health. In this regard, AEIRC launched Pakistan’s first stress evaluating tool Sadaf Stress Scale in 2014 which scores the levels of stress in individuals. With an emphasis on physical well-being and sound mental health, the basic aim of this division is to lessen the gaps of communication to boost the interest in the field with the hope that knowledge and explorations would lead to better understanding mental health and psychophysiological wellbeing.
Facilitator: Faizan Mirza
Email: Faizan@aeirc-edu.com

Youth Research Division

Youth Research Division has collaborated with Youth Affairs Department Government of Sind in several projects. The backbone of constructive youth development programs is research and development training. This division specifically conducts and shares research with policy makers, stakeholders, program leaders, youth work practitioners, decision makers and researchers to address important issues related to the field of youth development. The division has expertise in professional development, capacity building along with economic, social and behavioral research with publications of annual reports.
Facilitator: Yusra Saleem
Email: Yusra@aeirc-edu.com

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We team up with Academia, corporate sector, governments and philanthropic organizations to continue to impact and prime role of research and development scientific. Throughout our journey collaborators and sponsors have played a significant role in promoting health, education and research and it was recognized as excellence in role towards society. We believe that working together benefits everyone and help us to invest our resources more sensibly. To contribute towards the sustainable Society by investing in its developments through research, science and education, you can participate in a rich community of ideas and scientific leaders. To find out more about possibilities.Email us admin@aeirc-edu.com

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